Roof Leak

Twin City Roofing & Remodeling Solves Mysterious Roof Leak For Homeowner

Homeowner Steve from Apple Valley purchased a house with a fairly new roof, only five years old. During winter a few years later, he noticed some leaking coming through the beams and down the walls. He contacted a local roofing company who told him it was a ventilation issue.

The roofing company proceeded to replace the ridge and other vents, charging Steve over $2,000. Within the next year he had the same problems: more leaking through the beams and down the walls.

The company was called to come check it out again. This time they said it was a furnace issue. The flue wasn’t installed right, causing a leak into the attic, causing moisture buildup and condensation.

Steve then called a furnace who said the flue and furnace were all in condition. They saw no issues.

After some research, Steve found Twin City Roofing and requested a free estimate. They knew exactly what the issues were and what needed to be done. They replaced the roof, ventilation and insulation to fix the problem. This was a common problem they knew how to solve.

Steve was very happy with Twin City Roofing, “They’re a great company. They’re a third generation family owned company. The know what they’re talking about. They’re experts in their field. They just do a great job from start to finish.”

A year later Steve called Twin City Roofing for siding and windows, “We recommend TC to everyone we know that talks about siding, roofing, or windows… we tell them to go see TCR.”