How bad siding affects the health of your home

Bad siding

When the siding on your home is deteriorated, damaged or missing it not only affects the curb appeal of your home but serious damage can be taking place to your homes structure, affecting your windows, insulation and sheathing. The exterior components of your home work together as a protective barrier to protect what is inside and keep it healthy.

At Twin City Roofing & Remodeling we call this protective barrier the home exterior envelope; the siding system is tied, to the exterior ventilation system that is tied to the roofing system and even the guttering system. If this home exterior envelope is open to leaks from the outside, then water and moisture can penetrate and lead to rot and deterioration of the structure of your home. And any area where moisture intrusion occurs then the possibility of mold growth happens.

It is best to have your home exterior envelope inspected once a year, just like going into the doctor for a health check up we need to check the health or our home as well.

Call Twin City Roofing & Remodeling and we will be happy to take look and provide you a home health check up for free.

Remember an ounce of prevention can is worth a pound of cure.