Our harsh Minnesota winters can wreak havoc on your roof. Heavy snow loads can damage your roof structure and with improper insulation and ventilation ice dams can form on your roof causing terrible water damage problems. Early and continued snow removal roof maintenance, along with proper ventilation and insulation, can minimize the damage to your soffit, fascia, and gutter systems, as well as prevent interior leaks from the freeze thaw cycle that continues throughout the winter.

How to know when there’s too much snow on your roof

The critical concern when determining whether or not your home is bearing an excessive snow load is not the depth of snow on the roof, it’s the weight of the snow. Wet snow is significantly heavier than “dry” snow. Just six inches of wet snow is approximately equal in weight to thirty eight inches of dry snow. You can assess the type of snow accumulation by lifting a few scoops from your yard. By the feeling and visual appearance of its density, you should be able to determine if the snow fall is dry or wet. Minneapolis regional winter weather reports may advise when excessive snow loads are developing that may threaten roof structures.

Choosing the safest rooftop snow removal

Working on rooftops can be dangerous, especially when snow and ice make conditions extremely hazardous. Residential roofs are typically not accessible without some degree of safety risk. Adding the hazards of ice and snow to the roof and surrounding work environment present especially serious safety issues for do-it-yourselfers. Additionally, home use snow removal tools typically work best on light, dry snow, which is not the kind of snow that actually presents a safety hazard requiring removal. There are numerous deaths and severe injuries annually due to ladder accidents and to slips and falls during winter weather ground conditions. Combining ladder climbing with winter ice and snow can be an exceptionally perilous activity. Attempting to pull down a blanket of snow from a steep roof while standing on the ground below is also a precarious undertaking. It is necessary to accurately anticipate where and how the snow and ice will fall from the roof in order to avoid causing a massive load of heavy snow to fall on top of yourself or others. The safest approach to this work is to simply leave it to a professional snow removal contractor. Let our professional team handle this task for you, while you relax and enjoy the comfort of your home.

Protecting your family’s safety and comfort

One serious indicator that the snow load accumulated on your roof has reached an extreme level is  interior doors leading to bedrooms, closets, etc., beginning to stick when opening and closing. That means that the weight on your home’s structure is great enough to distort door frames along the interior walls. Other important evidence includes visible plaster or drywall cracks around these interior door frames. Houses that have undergone renovations without required building inspection or permits are likely to be especially vulnerable to roof collapse. Inappropriate removal or alteration of load-bearing walls is frequently the cause of roof cave-in disasters. Twin City Roofing professionals provide timely and reliable roof snow removal services, and offer you recommendations on keeping snow off of your roof.

Protecting your investment

If your home has begun to exhibit signs of water damage or leaks, please call immediately for consultation. Water damage due to ice dams must be addressed quickly to prevent major damage to your home. We have professional equipment for optimal removal of water. And, we can assist you in filing an insurance claim to repair damages resulting from snow or from an ice dam. Your homeowner’s policy may even cover roof snow removal.  We can do the labor for you and help you ensure measures are in place to protect your home from snow and ice damage or destruction.

Minimizing snow accumulation on your roof

While you cannot prevent snow from accumulating on your roof, maintaining roof conditions to reduce accumulation of damaging amounts of ice and snow is essential for your family’s safety and for maintaining your home’s structural integrity. Ask our professionals how to ensure that ventilation to your roof is adequate, and appropriately placed and maintained, in order to prevent ice build-up from damaging your home.

What to expect from professional roof snow removal service

Our specialists are well-experienced in handling snow removal from all roof types, including steep roofs, multiple story roofs, and walkable roofs. Our team will access your roof, and we will remove snow from the roof using equipment that will not damage the roofing materials. After ice is removed from the roof, it typically becomes packed on the ground. We can also remove this ice. Our snow removal experts are eager to assist you with any roof problem you may have due to winter conditions, and our company welcomes any size job you need to have done, large or small. Keep in mind, the objective is not to remove all snow or ice from the roof. The goal is to remove enough to eliminate excessive weight load from the roof, not to remove all weight. You will not have a dry, entirely snow-free roof after the snow removal work. Attempting to entirely remove the bottom layer of ice that is adhered directly to the roof surface would almost certainly cause major damage to your roof.

Licensed and bonded contractor

Our company is fully licensed and insured. Our professional team utilizes expert snow removal methods and only diligently-maintained, professional-grade snow and ice removal tools, equipment, and safety equipment. Our experienced staff is fully committed to safely and efficiently removing roof snow from your home’s roof while preventing damage to your shingles or other roof materials due to improper handling of snow removal equipment.

Get in touch!

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