Replacing your home’s windows will decrease heating and cooling costs, reduce drafts in the winter, and provide significant beauty and added value to your home. Twin City Roofing & Remodeling is a certified window installation professional company, and our team can help you choose the optimal replacement windows for your home.

Whether your best option for window replacement are vinyl, composite or wood frames, Twin City Roofing & Remodeling will help assist you in making the best choice for for your home and budget.

We offer a variety of windows made right here in Minnesota such as Walsh Windows in Duluth and Andersen Windows in Oak Park Heights. Twin City Roofing & Remodeling has carefully selected these manufacturers for a variety of reasons including, but limited to, their precise understanding of how best to engineer windows for our harsh Minnesota climate so that you can be confident your windows will provide lasting performance for years to come.

When choosing Twin City Roofing & Remodeling for your window replacement project you can expect professional service work from its certified AAMA (the “American Architectural Manufacturers Association”) window technicians.

In fact, here’s a snapshot of how the process works: 1) Prior to the installation of your new windows our technicians will take all necessary precautions in protecting your real and personal property. 2) During the demolition or removal phase of the process, our technicians will inspect the window openings wood framing and siding components to make sure that your new windows will be installed in a solid, code-compliant opening.  3) Next, our technicians will apply specialized pan-flashing on the window sill or opening that provides superior protection from. 4) Next, our technicians will install your new windows in a plumb, level and square manner assuring the windows will perform as designed. 5) Then after the installation is complete our window technicians will insulate and seal  your windows as well as install any necessary window trim. 6) Finally, when all of the window installation is complete, then our team will thoroughly clean the workspace and inspect all of the work to make sure that everything is performing as intended.

Now that your new windows are installed, you can expect immediate results on the savings that highly energy efficient windows will provide as your heating and cooling bills are reduced year round.

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Windows & Siding

Composite Frames

Composite-framed windows & doors are the latest advance in window/door technology filling a necessary void in the market neatly fitting in between vinyl and wood frames. Whether these frames are constructed of Andersen’s Fibrex™ or are fiberglass-based, these composite-based window frames are extremely strong, highly durable and offer a wide variety of window style options. And, just like the vinyl-framed windows & doors, composite windows & doors offer high energy efficiency as well. Composite-frames are not just a passing fad, but instead their excellence in performance has established that they are a permanent fixture in the window & door market here and nationally.

Vinyl Frames

Vinyl windows & doors are a great option for window & door frames for all types of homes and businesses. Vinyl windows & door are budget friendly, durable and essentially maintenance-free. Another great feature of vinyl windows is their energy efficiency and specialized seals between the glass and the frame. In addition, vinyl windows offer faux-wood interiors and specialized painted exteriors that provide the broadest range of options in any window line.

Wood Frames

The classic look of a professionally stained and varnished window or door offers unsurpassed aesthetic beauty that we all have come to cherish. Wood windows & doors are the historic frame-style that been utilized for hundreds of years attesting to the enduring quality of wood-based products.  In addition, wood frames can be stained or painted to virtually any color palette and wood frames are a fantastic, natural insulator. Although not maintenance free like vinyl or composite frames, when properly maintained wood windows and doors can last for decades.

Glass Package Options

Given that windows consists of about 90% glass, the glass package selected for your windows is a critical factor. Glass packages offer a host of options to consider including, but are not limited to, Low-E/Argon gas, Energy Star rating, Solar Heat Gain coefficients, and a host of other considerations that one of our factory-trained experts would be thrilled to help you gain a better understanding of glass packages. After gaining new insights into the glass packages available, we believe that you will be in the best position to make the most well-informed decision for your new windows and doors.


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